• Experts in

    Baby Food

    Our experience and our research and development department allow us to offer baby food products of the highest quality and the perfect packaging for this product, the pouch.



Commitment with our people

Dedication to innovation both in packaging and in the development of the product. We promote quality, effort and professionalism to meet and exceed our customers' requirements and bring improvements to the food sector.


Always looking towards the future

We are the reference co-manufacturer factory in Europe for the development and production of quality food and nutritional products, maintaining levels of competitiveness that offer our clients the best solutions according to their needs and those of the market.


Our fileds, our identity

At Fruselva, S.L. we want to grow as a co-manufacturer together with our customers by as well as in the co-packaging service, as we are specialists in processing and packaging quality food and nutritional products.

Social policy

GO FRUSELVA, SL has always been defined as a company of continuous innovation, quality and future. As well as, sensitive and committed to the present society.

We believe in people, and for this reason, we have committed to social responsibility, developing a series of social benefits for workers of the company, such as: flexible working hours, personal training, integration of disabled persons, partnerships with ONG's, support in sport and cultural activities, etc.

Social Policy, Quality, Environmental and Food Safety

 La Selva del Camp, January 2015

The mission of FRUSELVA S.L. is to design, package and store juices, nectars, drinks, fruit and vegetable purees and dairy and grain products according to the Quality standards, product specifications and processes established by the customer, while preserving the environment and ensuring the safety of the product.

1. The Management of the company has established an effective Organization based on Processes and their interactions through the fulfillment of the requirements established by the ISO 9011, ISO 14001, International Food Standard (IFS), British Retail Consortium (BRC), Social Responsibility, 5S technique, SMETA 4 mainstay and their clients. Besides, the company also has the Organic Certificate (CCPAE), Brazil Organic and KOSHER.

2. For these reasons, Fruselva takes responsibility and commits itself to:

  • Maintaining an effective and updated Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management Systems, which were implemented in Fruselva SL. (according to ISO 9001, 14001, IFS, BRC and ecologic certificate) in order to get a dynamic of continuous improvement and sustainable growth. This is based on a correct internal management, easy system integration, impact assessment of the company expectations and the new developments in environmental and quality management. Likewise, the company undertakes the commitment to keep its efficiency against the evolving market and regulation requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory demands applicable.
  • The Quality and Environment Management System of FRUSELVA, S.L is based on the prevention as the most efficient and economical way to reach high standards of product quality and satisfactory service for our clients.
  • The Management of the company is committed to the continuous improvement of the quality and food safety through the implementation of the 5S, a Japanese technique based on five values: Organization, Order, Cleanliness, Standardization and Discipline.
  • The management of the organization is focused on permanently improving the customer service’s level, providing the framework to establish and review the goals, targets and the well-being of the internal organization by promoting the social training for employees and the reconciliation of work and family life. The Management of the company shows its commitment with social responsibility through the implementation and development of the best practices in this area.
  • The preservation of the Environment and the dissemination of the Social Responsibility concept, through an internal and external information and communication network is our aim, and along these lines we integrate the actions of FRUSELVA, S.L. regulated and controlled by our Management System.
  • The management of Food Safety of FRUSELVA, S.L is based on assuring the product’s harmlessness and the protection of the customers’ health by ensuring compliance with hygiene and food safety.
  • The Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management System of FRUSELVA, S.L. is defined and developed on the Quality, Environment and Food Safety Manual and other documentation emanated from the mentioned manual, being compulsory compliance for all the manpower of the Company during their business activity.
  • The company is committed to lead, develop and manifest the interest to promote risk prevention and the continuous improvement of the Safety and Health conditions at work