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    Baby Food

    Our experience and our research and development department allow us to offer baby food products of the highest quality and the perfect packaging for this product, the pouch.


Product development

In Go Fruselva we collaborate with our customer throughout the product creation process. Depending on the needs of our customer, the market and consumers, we developed the recipe of the product with a high level of customization.

Thanks to our R + D + i, the experience gained over the years, the expertise and enthusiasm of our employees, we can offer an extra value product, maintaining and emphasizing the properties of each of the ingredients.

Management of raw material

The balance between service quality and efficiency in the process of transforming raw materials ensures supreme quality to the final product.

In Go Fruselva, we seek the most appropriate provider for each customer and each product, or collaborate with our clients in the management of raw materials.

Our raw material management system is of last generation so we can ensure the quality factors and product properties.
Our service of management of raw material also extends to baby food and organic products, apart from conventional products.

Packaging design

In Go Fruselva we offer the formats Pouch and Glass with different capabilities and highly customizable.

Pouch format is innovative, functional and fun both for children and adults. In Go Fruselva we have two models of Pouch: Doypack and Cheerpack. The outside of the pouch can be fully customized printing nutritional information and product design. Similarly, you can customize the secondary packaging side, either display box, container box or any other packaging, for which we are known for our flexibility.

For the format of Glass offer the ability to label using the traditional method of front label and back label or labeling by the new and innovative method Sleeve. In Go Fruselva we take care of everything you need for labeling, the necessary product information and advice during the design process.

Logistic optimization

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we can help our clients in the transport strategy and distribution of the finished product. To do this, we advise our clients during the design process of secondary packaging in order to optimize the palletizing and reduce transport costs, taking into account the various factors that condition, especially in the export.


In Go Fruselva we are committed to the highest quality using the latest technology to offer the filling of a wide range of products, adjusting to different formats and capacities. In our production processes there is a high level of automation and an optimal level of maintenance following the high standards of hygiene and order.

The high performance of our production lines and the high level of automation enable high competitiveness, so we can offer our customers good filling prices.


Go Fruselva’s logistics efficacy is the result of our large warehouse and production area, with more than 60.000m2 and 16 loading docks equipped with individual and private areas.

This space of large capacity allows us to be flexible and adaptable enough to meet the demands of production and supply, and the management of raw and auxiliary material of our customers.


In Go Fruselva we're known for our flexibility and therefore we can offer the service of picking.

In this way we can prepare the orders according to customer requirements and improve the performance of the supply chain.


In Go Fruselva we manage national or international transport of the final product. Within transport management we advise our clients in the export process, offering shipping protocols tailored to customer needs and requirements of each country, as our export experience allows us to offer the best quality service.