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    Baby Food

    Our experience and our research and development department allow us to offer baby food products of the highest quality and the perfect packaging for this product, the pouch.



In Go Fruselva, SLU constantly bet both packaging innovation in the development of new value-added products.

Go Fruselva has a highly equipped internal laboratory which covers all stages of production from receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the final product and all the tasks related to R & D.

The R & D and new product development, study and collaborates with clients involved in all stages of design of new products from the formulation, adjustments organoleptic, physical-chemical and nutritional, microbiological studies and trials of life useful.
Also works continuously in search of new natural and functional ingredients that allow the company to obtain new value-added products that meet the highest standards of quality and food safety.

We are also known for our great flexibility as we work together with our customers in innovation in the packaging sector in order to ensure the life of the products and the proper maintenance of the nutritional properties thereof.

Project Partnerships

Go Fruselva S.L.U. is very interested in taking an active role in the development of research projects. The company has focused on research and development as drivers of growth.

In Go Fruselva, SLU are open to collaborate with other organizations and associations in research projects, in order to continue offering our customers innovative products and make improvements and advances the food sector.

Go Fruselva has been awarded several times for their joint work in research and development projects.

Go far Fruselva involved in two collaborative projects carried out in collaboration with various companies and institutions.


Go Fruselva S.L.U. participates together with other national companies in obtaining fruit fiber modified to take advantage texturizing and functional properties.

This project aims to develop a new range of value-added products that incorporate natural texturizing ingredients.


Project consortium of 9 companies and 11 Spanish hospitals and technological centres, are investigated with markers related to the protection of proteins, lipids and DNA against oxidation and the processes involved in neurodegenerative disorders and cardiovascular disease.

These studies allow the development of new products based on fruits and vegetables with added value and improved nutritional profiles that may provide a health benefit to consumers.