• Who we are

    Go Fruselva S.L.

    We are a global organisation with Headquarters in La Selva del Camp (Tarragona) and a factory in Chile, specialized in the development and co-manufacturing of purees, smoothies, juices and nectars in pouch and bottle format for private label and distributors.

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  • Pouch

    The most innovative format

    The pouch is an innovative, functional and fun so it appeals to both adults and to children.

    Its structure is compact, and the materials used ensure solidity and lightness; the straw, welded on the inside, supports the direct consumption of the product in a simple, safe and especially hygienic.

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  • HPP

    Innovate Technology for fresh food

    HPP process is a natural innovative technique that allows to create fresh-like organoleptic quality products with higher nutritional values. This technology processes the food in a cold atmosphere thought high pressure. Thus, it is possible to preserve most of the nutrients, vitamins and characteristics of a fresh product with all its flavors, colors and smells.

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  • We think globally

    We cover all stages of child development

    We develop products intended for infant feeding taking into account

    the specific requirements for each one of the stages of growth.

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  • Experts in

    Baby Food

    Our experience and our research and development department allow us to offer baby food products of the highest quality and the perfect packaging for this product, the Pouch.

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GO FRUSELVA asistirá a la feria Internacional IPLS

GO FRUSELVA asistirá a la feria Internacional Private Label Show (IPLS) que se celebrará en Moscou (Rusia) del 26 al 27 de marzo de 2014.

IPLS es la primera y única feria dedicada y especializada en marca privada de distintos sectores a nivel internacional. 


 GO FRUSELVA asistirá a esta feria con el objetivo de fortalecer su identidad y presentar sus servicios como empresa CO-MANUFACTURER de marca privada para el formato vidrio y pouch.

La empresa se ubicará en el STAND E44.





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