We work and collaborate with strategic partners to achieve our goals by providing more value and generating new alliances that are beneficial for the community

Innovation entities


The Packaging Cluster is a non-profit entity that was established in 2012 by Catalan companies and that today groups more than 120 active members between companies, knowledge centers and entities that represent the entire value chain of the packaging sector. The main objective of the entity is to help the competitive improvement of the companies that comprise it, with the purpose of solving the challenges of the current context, promoting innovation and generating new business opportunities.

The corporation for the promotion of production is a decentralized public service that supports entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness, while strengthening human capital and technological capabilities. The main objectives is to promote a society with bigger and better opportunities and contribute to the economic development in the country of Chile.

Thanks to CORFO, We at Fruselva can continue developing new innovative projects such as new food product prototypes that contain added nutritional values, and remain shelf stable.

In Fruselva we are continuously working on developing innovative products, focusing on food that contributes to children health and wellbeing. As part of our innovation pipeline, we are developing products with added nutritional value, such as vitamins and minerals. To ensure that our products comply with the international standards and regulations we are working closely with INTA (Instituto de Nutrición y Tecnología de los Alimentos, de la Universidad de Chile). INTA is a very prestigious institute located in Santiago de Chile, it was stablished in 1976 and since then has contributed to promote children nutrition and population health. INTA has a vast experience in the nutrition area and its team is formed by high skilled professionals (doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and others)

In Fruselva we are committed to work collaborative with local entities and to promote consumption of healthy food!

Maule Alimenta is an initiative by the Regional Strategic Program of Corfo, which aims to articulate a network of companies from the Maule Agroindustry, identifying productive gaps and business opportunities.

Thanks to the joint work with Maule Alimenta, Fruselva has been able to participate in profitable activities such as training R&D&I, sustainability, and energy efficiency, to name a few. In addition, Fruselva has been invited by Maule Alimenta to participate in a series of scientific dissemination activities and talks in the food industry, which has allowed the company to generate collaborations with other important industry players in the region.

The FOODTECH & NUTRITION HUB is a collaboration tractor project with an impact on the competitiveness of technological and food companies, which efficiently connects all agents with real capacity to accelerate the economic and social transformation of Southern Catalonia

AZTInnova is an exclusive community focusing on technological and collaborative innovation which also develops value from and for the food value chain.

Big help to design, plan and develop innovation projects on a COLLABORATIVE basis, using science to find solutions to CHALLENGES facing the sector.

The Foodservice Cluster of Catalonia is a cluster organization whose main objective is to promote and strengthen competitiveness in the foodservice segment. At Global Fruselva they will assist us to promote initiatives, stimulate and exploit synergies between members of the value chain and thus promote the development of transformative projects.

They promote innovation through projects, activities, training and networking. The strategic axes of the cluster are: sustainability, digitalization, nutrition, science and health, networking and knowledge, innovation management and new business models that fit 100% with our philosophy.

The Food For Life-Spain platform is a technological and innovation structure aimed at coordinating various public and private stakeholders in the agri-food sector. It plays a crucial role in identifying innovative technologies, fostering public-private collaboration, and addressing new R&D demands in the industry.

The primary goal of Food For Life-Spain is to promote the transfer of research, scientific, and technological advancements through collaborative efforts among key sectoral agents in the agri-food industry. This collaboration ensures the competitiveness and growth of the Spanish agri-food sector by addressing societal challenges through R&D projects​.


At Fruselva we work with strategic partners to provide more value and generate beneficial links for the community. Fruselva was founded in 2007 with a commitment to technology and innovation as a path to growth, becoming a benchmark in Europe in the development and production of juices, purees and compotes in pouch format.


Little by little, the company's trajectory was extended to Chile and Colombia, where it acquired two large factories. We believe that it is convenient to work and collaborate with different strategic partners in order to provide more value and create links that in the future may become beneficial for the whole community. We are part of the Packaging Cluster, a non-profit organisation set up in 2012 by Catalan companies representing the entire value chain within the packaging sector. Its main objective is to improve the companies that make use of it and to promote innovation by generating new business opportunities. In addition, we comply with local and national quality requirements, following the strictest health and safety protocols. Therefore, in addition to meeting international standards, we have certifications that support our plants. We adapt to our customers, for more information visit: