Growing up together at Fruselva

Fruselva is built by the passion of its employees all around the world. We believe in equal opportunities, in meritocracy and we look to grow up together with our teams

In Fruselva you will find a dynamic company, full of opportunities, where engaged people will see a real and measurable impact in what they do. To bring opportunities to grow within the organization is part of what defines Fruselva work ethic

Since the first day at Fruselva, I experienced the spirited global culture that is dynamic, fast-paced and multifaceted. It is a palace where experience, new ideas and creativity are welcomed and applauded.

Clifton Lesak - Business Manager


Joining Fruselva has been one of my biggest professional challenges and achievements. I have been given the chance to lead a diverse team, fully committed in their work and develop hundreds of projects and developments at a rhythm that I haven´t seen anywhere else.

Gabriela Gonzalez - Quality Director


Fruselva is a truly international company that believes in people. For those who work hard and show passion on what they do, there are always new opportunities. Promotions, global growth and new responsibilities are a common thing to see in this agile and fast-growing company.

Jose de Souza - Business Development Executive


Fruselva has taught me to think fast, in a changing world and to find creative solutions for difficult problems. It is a demanding and rewarding company where no two days are alike. Its global nature exposes you to different languages and cultures and gives a diverse and more complete view of the world.

Natalia Olivé - Ingredients & Compliance


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Graduate Program Fruselva

Growing Up Together

Growing up together to promote a well-balanced, healthy and sustainable diet

What’s our goal?

At Fruselva, we’re always in constant development, and we want to count on you for it. This Graduate Program Growing Up Together has the goal of finding new individuals with talent, motivation, and the attitude to work on our team.

With this program, you will pursue and achieve different objectives:

1. Acquire deep and updated knowledge in the chosen field to develop a solid understanding of the theories, concepts, and practices that are essential in the specific area of specialization

2. Develop advanced investigation abilities to learn to design and carry out high-quality investigations using suitable methods and analyzing data in a rigorous way

Ready for a revolutionary adventure!

3. Promote critical and analytical abilities: The students must be able to evaluate in a critical way the existent literature, the theoretical points of view, and the investigation’s results to develop their own perspective

4. Promote the ability to solve problems, develop abilities to deal with complex challenges within their field of study, and suggest innovative solutions

5. Promote independent work, optimizing their time and resources in an effective way to carry out investigations and projects in an independent way

6. Promote collaboration and teamwork by working in an effective way with other researchers and academics, promoting idea exchanges and mutual enrichment

7. Develop leadership abilities

What do we offer?



At Fruselva we’re always in constant development, and we want to count on you for it. This Graduate Program Growing Up Together has the goal of finding new individuals with talent, motivation, and the attitude to work on our team.

From Fruselva we want to provide people who have recently graduated or have a master’s degree the opportunity to acquire experience and practical knowledge inside the company. The internship year we offer at our headquarters in Spain, combined with two months at any of our overseas headquarters, is an opportunity to explore professional interests, develop specific abilities, establish professional contacts, and much more, all of it with the orientation and support of a tutor.

Fruselva’s Graduate Program can be carried out in a wide variety of departments: operations, quality, marketing and design, human resources, finance, IT, sales, and I+D+i.

Active vacancies Graduate Program

Experience the Growth Evolution with Us?

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