4-6 months

For this first stage, baby food is highly mashed and very thin in consistency. It is prepared with single fruits or vegetables with no chunks. This food is appropriate for babies between 4 and 6 months who are just being introduced to solid food. Thanks to the smooth texture this food is easily digested by the little ones. This stage is carefully produced with one single ingredient

Some of our recipes

Single Fruits

  • 100% Apple
  • 100% Prune

Single Veggies

  • 100% Sweet Potato
  • 100% Green Beans

*These recipes are for illustrative purposes and are an example of what we can develop together


  • 70g /2,5oz
  • 90g/3,2oz
  • 100g/3,5oz
  • 113g/4oz
  • 128g/4,5oz

6-8 months

8-12 months

12-48 months

+48 months


starter baby

From 4 to 6 month crawler is a stage of childhood. Complexity of flavors and textures continues to grow with crawlers. Thick and mushy textures are blended containing small, soft, and chewable chunks or small pieces. Dairy derivatives, pasta, pulses, or meat are introduced at this stage. Exposition to different tastes, flavors and textures also help them to develop their sensory profile through different experiences while working their mouth, jaw, and tongue Discover some of the recipes or develop it yourself The first stage introduces babies to the world of fruits and vegetables with smooth textures and natural flavors more info Thick and mushy textures are used with small pieces to create more complex products including dairy derivatives, pasta and meat Fruselva’s manufacturing facilities adhere to local and federal government requirements, and our established protocols follow the strictest safety and compliance standards. Each facility is routinely audited and certified against globally recognized safety standards We create products for each stage (starter, sitter, crawler,toddler and kids) five more words more or less no