• The company that specializes in baby food, plans to improve its 2022 sales records by selling 165 million units in pouch format (fruit pocket).
  • Projected to expand its presence in Asia and the Americas, where it is reaffirming its position as the market leader.
  • The company maintains itself through innovation and sustainability as its main drivers of growth.

    24% increase in revenue

February 16th, 2022. Fruselva, (a company belonging to parent group; Masergrup) specialized in the development and co-manufacturing of baby food products for brands and MDD, strengthens its ambitious international expansion plans and consolidates its leadership in the American market after closing the year with an increase in revenue by 24%.

The units produced in pouch format have also increased by 15% during 2021, exceeding the expectations initially set out in the company’s strategic plan. Following its growth trajectory, Fruselva expects to increase results this 2022 fiscal year and to increase its revenue by 33% and production by 27%, reaching 165 million units manufactured (currently 135 million units are produced).

2021 has been a key year for Fruselva to achieve such growth after the shareholder separation in which the businessman Xavier Martínez, founder and president of the company, kept the ownership of the brand, the know-how, factories, and business in the American markets, while also maintaining an important presence in the Asian markets.

In June last year, the company acquired the pouch and processed fruit production assets of the Colombian food service company FLP in Chinchiná (Colombia), which will be joined by a new mega-factory, together with the factory in Talca (Chile), will boost its production in the southern cone of South America. Fruselva’s management is currently finalizing negotiations to acquire the land on which the new Colombian factory, (the company’s third), will be constructed.


In addition to the production plants in Chile and Colombia, the company has commercial offices in Querétaro (Mexico) and in the United States. The new American headquarters is located in Miami (Florida). Fruselva’s commercial network extends with its presence in Shanghai (China), in order to offer better service and attention to customers in Southeast Asia.

Fruselva extends its commitment to the customers (the main supermarket chains and major global brands) with the elaboration of baby food based on natural, healthy, nutritious and top quality products. A commitment affirmed by major international certifications like being a member of the 2030 Agenda of the UN Global Pact, and being focused on a Plant Based culture.

The group, through its R&D&I team, is in the process of measuring and preparing to apply for B CORP certification, which guarantees compliance with the most demanding standards in terms of sustainability, environment, transparency, and legal responsibility.

Fruselva maintains its bet on technology and innovation as drivers of growth, with the aim of consolidating its position as a leader in the development and co-production of juices, purees, smoothies and compotes in pouch format, using pasteurization, autoclave and HPP technologies.