Fruselva Safety & Quality | Q&A

We diligently source the finest ingredients for our products. Each ingredient is verified by our strict safety parameters that asses the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, allergens, and many other contaminants, in addition to evaluating the products wholesomeness, nutrition, and deliciousness.

Where do heavy metals come from and how do they end up in baby food?

Trace amounts of minerals and metals such as Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic can be found in our water and soil. These minerals and metals are then absorbed by plants including (fruits, vegetables, and grains) and also animals (fish, chicken, beef…) this is how we find them in our food. Many foods whether prepared at home, in restaurants, or sold as pre-packaged food, can contain trace amounts of these elements.

Does processed food contain higher contaminants than fresh food?

Trace amounts of contaminants can be found in many wholesome ingredients no matter whether they are fresh or processed. We perform a strict risk assessment to our entire supply chain, in order to ensure that all the ingredients are free from contaminants. In addition, we cook our products to guarantee food safety.

Are your products organic?

Yes! Our products are USDA Organic NOP Certified. Being certified means that at least 95% of our ingredients are produced organically and fully traceable from the farm to the retailer.

What safety protocols do your facilities follow?

Fruselva’s manufacturing facilities adhere to local and federal government requirements, and our established protocols follow the strictest safety and compliance standards. Each facility is routinely audited and certified against globally recognized safety standards. Every ingredient, production lot, and finished product are tested and visually inspected for safety and quality.

My family is sensitive to food allergens. How do your manufacturing facilities handle allergens during processing?

Fruselva’s Allergen program:

  1. Designated storage areas
  2. Protective clothing
  3. Color-coded utensils
  4. Only permitted associates
  5. After production cleaning procedures
  6. Special analytical testing

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