Universitat de Lleida

Global Fruselva is committed to develop healthy, accessible, and unique sustainable products through innovation, one of the Company’s main pillars. Our Research and Development Team is always looking for the most significant food trends worldwide to understand the market and define the most competitive business strategies.

In addition, our strategic collaborations with Suppliers, Universities, and Technological Centers, provide us a global vision of the food market, not only to develop innovative products, with a high added value but also to define the most efficient processing technologies to guarantee excellence in the quality and food safety.

Our Team in Spain has been working together with Universitat de Lleida, creating a synergistic collaboration, and following the latest trends to develop the most innovative products, such as plant-based, functional, and sustainable foods using the highest and most advanced technologies.


Fruselva strengthens R&D with Universitat de Lleida



There is an effort to create better and healthier recipes available for families all round the world. Fruselva is moving toward eliminating any amount of added sugar or artificial additives in the products produced at its factories

Reduce the amount of products with added sugars

Eliminate all artificial colorants

Eliminate all artificial flavorings