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COVID-19 Safety


In times of pandemics, Fruselva has worked to protect the health of all its workers while maintaining a global supply of healthy food for families around the world.

This effort has been recognized on December 21, 2021 by the Chilean Safety Association (ACHS), which through its Expert Advisor delivered the COVID-19 seal to Fruselva Chile, highlighting the commitment and management to comply with safety, health and well-being of its employees.

Fruselva, through its Risk Prevention Department, led by its Prevention Expert, implemented protocols that allowed to protect the health of its workers, being a priority from the beginning of the pandemics working together with the heads of each department of the plant to maintain self-care and collaborative work.

The recognition of the ACHS is the result of a carefully carried out audit, which certifies that all the delivered recommendations by the health authorities were implemented to avoid COVID-19 spread and comply with the current working regulations. This recognition encourages us to keep working with care and dedication to continue growing up together with all our clients and workers.