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Walmart Assessment


For the third time in a row since our first audit in 2016, Fruselva is awarded a Green Grade in Walmart SCS Assessment, the highest grade granted. This global assessment, that assures Fruselva´s supply chain excellence in Latin America and its exports to the US, Canada, and Asia, will be valid through the end of the year 2024 and is a recognition of Fruselva´s focus on quality and safety in all links of the value chain.

This grade is a new validation of Fruselva´s continuous work to ensure the highest quality that is in line with our Global Quality Certifications such as our BRCS V8  AA Grade for Global Standard for Food Safety, the FSMA Preventative Controls Preparedness Module and the FDA registration.

About Walmart SCS Requirements

  • Provide products that meet all legal, industry, and Walmart safety, quality, and technical requirements.

  • Implement appropriate risk management systems to protect against food and product safety hazards. Suppliers should have these systems independently validated and verified.

  • Monitor products you produce for safety and quality and promptly reporting material issues to Walmart. Material issues include failing to meet recognized safety standards and defects in product labelling, or instructions that increase the risk of unsafe use. In the case of food products, material issues also include product specification deviations and microbiological, chemical, or physical hazards that affect the safety of the product.

  • Notifying Walmart of voluntary and mandatory product recalls and removals where you identify products as not meeting applicable requirements.

  • Participate actively with Walmart and with regulatory authorities in the recall and removal of products.