• The company, with headquarters in Reus, production and logistics operations in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA, has built its new factory in Barranquilla (Colombia)

  • The facilities are 15,182 m2 located in the La Cayena Free Trade Zone. Boasting has a production capacity over 100 million units in baby food

  • The factory has been designed to be energy efficient through photovoltaic energy. In turn, it will have its own Laboratory (FruLab) for research and development of infant nutrition

Fruselva, leader of the co-manufacturering of children’s and healthy foods, with a presence in more than 30 countries, is pleased to announce the opening of its new, state-of-the-art facilities in the city of Barranquilla.

This milestone represents and marks a significant step in our commitment to strengthening Fruselva’s presence in America, and the expansion and growth of our Company in Colombia. Likewise, it reinforces our commitment to innovation, with the possibility of offering high-quality products and nutritional value to our customers around the world.

The new Fruselva facilities in the city of Barranquilla cover an area of 15,182 square meters of land in the La Cayena Free Trade Zone, and has been designed with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing efficient and safe production.

At Fruselva we are committed to sustainable development and environmental responsibility, which is why our new facilities have systems and processes that minimize environmental impact, they are designed to carry out efficient waste management, responsible use of water and the implementation of renewable energy practices for self-consumption.

Likewise, the new facilities have state-of-the-art equipment, rigorous quality control systems and a sustainable approach to in all our operations. To this end, the company has invested in the acquisition of cutting-edge machinery and is working on the implementation of efficient and sustainable production processes, which will allow it to increase our production capacity and maintain the high-quality standards of our products.

The institutional inauguration of the Megafactory facilities will take place this fall and will mark a significant investment by Fruselva in the region, a true reflection of our confidence in the continued growth of the Colombian market.

The opening of the facilities in Barranquilla represents a valuable contribution to the local economy, since we have generated numerous direct and indirect jobs in the region, and the Company’s Business Plan aims to employ over 350 people in 2027.

At Fruselva, a company that is part of the MaserGrup business group, we remain committed to our mission of offering top-quality products, and with the opening of our new facilities in Barranquilla, we are moving steadily in that direction.

We thank everyone who has collaborated in making this new Mega factory possible, for their support and effort. We thank the media for their coverage and dissemination of this important milestone.