Even though a huge part of chronic non-transmissible diseases could be prevented by following a healthy diet, their incidence continues to be alarming in developed and underdeveloped countries.

Despite these data, global population is increasing its health concern, as well as the interest in consuming healthy foods with specific functions for the organism. A clear example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, where population habits changed in order to find foods to boost the immune system. Several events in the global economy have reported that consumers are considering their food and beverage investment trying to obtain an added benefit for their health [1]. This means that many consumers are turning to value-added products that satisfy their personal nutrition preferences over simple, lower-cost products. Translating this need into an increased demand of functional foods that address specific health problems, projecting global market growth at an annual increased rate of 9.5% [2].

Functional foods

There is no consensus of functional food definition. As well as has been mentioned in the present article, these food products have potential beneficial effects on health when they are consumed properly as part of a varied and balanced diet. Scientific evidence has detected different types of functional ingredients such as proteins, lipids, probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotic, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and other nutrients [3]. This functionality is achieved by different strategies, maximizing the presence of a functional compound in the food itself, external incorporation of a bioactive component, increasing the bioavailability of the compound of interest, among others.


Functional food business is growing, we feel excited! Functional food manufacturing occupies a large part of our production lines with specific formulas that our costumers’ preorder. We create products with scientifically demonstrable nutritional benefits in a wide variety of different recipes, ranging from plant foods to meat substitutes, with different fatty acids such as omega-3, texturized proteins, vitamins, by-products obtained through pioneered extraction technologies.

The nutrition field is advancing also with other mission. To take care of our planet health. For this reason, we carefully select each ingredient in our recipes to maximize nutrients absorption, quality of the product and ecological impact.

At Fruselva, we are committed to offer the latest trends in products adapting to the needs of each client. Contact us to solve your doubts, we will be happy to help you find what you need.

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