Ready to eat solids?

All infants grow at different rates.  We can make generalizations about their periods of development, but timings may differ from baby to baby.

Babies are usually getting ready to eat solids at 6-months-old, thus increasing the complexity of foods that can be introduced, like presenting different textures to stimulate proper growth and development.

Today we are giving some tips that may help you know when your baby is ready to eat solids.

  • Wait for your baby to start imitating some eating behaviors, such as chewing or smacking their lips.
  • Once the tongue-thrust reflex disappears and the baby stops drooling as much, it means he or she can swallow.
  • Wait until the baby can sit up with their own support.
  • When the baby starts to show active interest in food and is able to pick-up food with their hands and bring it to the mouth.

These tips can help you to recognize when your baby is ready to try new textures and solid foods.  We have created product to match this stage of development that are made of a blend of two or more ingredients, based on fruits and vegetables, which also includes some cereals. The consistency is still like a puree or strained food, but it is a bit thicker than the previous stage. With more complex flavors, it is ideal for a progressive transition from thin purees to thicker products that can be chewed and swallowed.


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