probiotics and prebiotics.


Probiotics are live microorganisms, that consumed in the right quantities and over time, can have a benefit to consumer´s health. According to the FAO scientific data indicates that probiotics can play an important role in immunological, digestive, and respiratory functions, and could have a significant effect in alleviating infectious disease in children and other high-risk groups (Food & Agriculture Organization, 2022). There are different species and strains of probiotics, and each of them have specific benefits.

Prebiotics are dietary compounds indigestible by human enzymes (as oligosaccharides, non-starch polysaccharides) and resistant to gastric acid. It selectively stimulates the growth of probiotics and improves the absorption of certain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc (You, S. et al. 2022). The increase on demand of customer in consumption is related to awareness of potential benefits of probiotics, which is leading to better-informed decision-making and an increased demand for probiotic products in various formats.

Many of the products with probiotics available in the market are in a dairy matrix, however this type of products is not suitable for people with lactose-intolerance and vegans. Bakery products, such as cookies and cereals, and fruit juices with added probiotics have been introduced in the market, gaining popularity within consumers (Gibson, G. R., 2021). Probiotics help to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, they have a direct effect on the immune system by stimulating it. They also promote the production of vitamins. Meanwhile, prebiotics stimulate the growth and activity of probiotics.

probiotics and prebiotics.

<img alt=”probiotics and prebiotics”>

<img alt=”probiotics and prebiotics”>

Probiotics are found in fermented dairy products and may also be present in certain dietary supplements and in biotherapeutic products found in capsule and suspension preparations, among others. Meanwhile, prebiotics are found in non-digestible carbohydrates. All these molecules can be part of the intrinsic composition of foods or added to them (functional foods).

Probiotics can be used for diarrhea, lactose intolerance, stimulation of the immune system and allergies. Prebiotics are administered to stimulate the growth and function of probiotics. As for precautions and/or disadvantages, in general, probiotics do not cause any significant side effects. At Fruselva we are committed to create healthy and delicious products for children that are in line with consumers trends. We are developing a range of products with added probiotics, such as mixed fruits with probiotics, and cereals, yoghurt, and probiotics. We also have a range of products with prebiotics, for example a natural yogurt, oat or fruit and a vegetables and fruit mix.

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